4-way Stretch Quick Dry Plaid
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4-way Stretch Quick Dry Plaid


Some days your To Do list calls for a you to crush your daily jumping jack repertoire, stand in a river to help salmon bypass a dam, and hard ball a contract with a new client. The 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Shirt is made to do all that simultaneously while looking tony too. When you’re done doing that superhuman yet super normal activity, the 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Shirt will dry off faster than you can say “Did you see me do that? Sign here and here, gentlemen. And you’re welcome, salmon spawn”, which is when everyone swoons and gives you all their money.

Some key features of this style:
• Full, four-direction stretch allows for unprecedented freedom of movement
• Wicking properties draw moisture away from skin when active
• Quick dry features allow speedy evaporation of moisture
• Extremely lightweight fabric feels weightless on skin
• Slim-fit torso with left chest pocket
• Great for travel – Won’t wrinkle and packs small
• 85% nylon / 15% elastane
• Sizes S-XXL

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3 oz. lightweight yarn-dyed woven plaid
Clean-edge seams
Enamel Purnell buttons
Quick dry and wicking properties
85% nylon / 15% elastane

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