• Purnell Clothing A Perfect Fit for Unite to Light President

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    We join KKFX to discuss our new fall clothing line. Purnell Maker, Megan Birney, shows how she wears our Santa Barbara work wear locally and across the globe.

    The segment features:

    Brita Womack – President and co-founder of Purnell. Based in Santa Barbara, Purnell offers versatile, crossover clothing—clothes that transition with you from the office to the outdoors—and all the parts of your day. Brita is wearing our Linen Field Jacket

    Megan Birney – President of Unite to Light, an organization that manufactures and distributes solar lights to those without electricity. Megan is wearing our Performance Plaid Flannel.


  • Company Week Feature

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    Company Week recently delved into the story of Purnell and what makes our company unique. Company Week is the media voice of modern manufacturing—a diverse sector of makers and manufacturers, designers and engineers, growers and builders, lifestyle companies and all-ambitious, growth-oriented companies.’

    To get a behind-the-scenes look at Purnell read the article here >

  • Hoodie for Backpack

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    Here’s a fun fact: the hoodie was invented in the 1930s and has remained pretty much unchanged since the time of Herbert Hoover. Until we got our Purnell hands on it. We took something created when people actually named their children Herbert and updated it for modern men who would wear a hoodie with a backpack but who would never be named Herbert.

    The end result is a completely rethought hoodie blending durability, versatility, warmth and style. Now everyone, even the Herberts, can have the ideal hoodie for modern life.

    Purchase the Hoodie for Backpack >

  • Photographer Colin Farrell talks crossover clothing

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    Need weather for all seasons and purposes? Purnell and photographer/videographer Colin Farrell join Meredith Garofalo to show how Purnell leads the way in offering crossover clothes that transition with you throughout your day—from the office to the outdoors—because they have multi-purpose qualities. Colin shows how Purnell helps him get the job done while he works in different environments.

    The segment features:

    Brita Womack – President and co-founder of Purnell. Based in Santa Barbara, Purnell offers versatile, crossover clothing—clothes that transition with you from the office to the outdoors—and all the parts of your day. Brita is wearing our Long-sleeved Checkered Shirt and Vintage Twill Pants.

    Colin Farrell – Photographer and videographer at Opp Creative. Colin is wearing the Pinstripe Button-Up Shirt and Vintage Twill Pants.

  • Quick Dry Wrap Around Skirt

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    How many times have you tried to stealthily change from your bathing suit or hiking shorts in a parking lot without exposing yourself to a group of innocent kindergartners on a field trip? You can still hear their screams at night… The Quick Dry Wrap Skirt is the answer for those times of quick change. The skirt has an adjustable hook and loop fastener which is fancy talk for velcro closures – or to put it even simpler: easy on, easy off. It’s lightweight, quick drying , and has a stylish asymmetrical hem.
    The Quick Dry Wrap Skirt is there for you, your reputation, and the kindergartners. Wear it for the kindergartners, ladies.

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  • 4-way Stretch Quick Dry Plaid Shirt

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    Some days your “to do” list calls for you to crush your daily jumping jack repertoire, stand in a river to help salmon bypass a dam, and hardball a contract with a new client. The 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Shirt is made to do all that simultaneously while looking tony too. When you’re done doing that superhuman yet super normal activity, the 4-Way Stretch Quick Dry Shirt will dry off faster than you can say “Did you see me do that? Sign here and here, gentlemen. And you’re welcome, salmon spawn”, which is when everyone swoons and gives you all their money.

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  • Weibull Distribution Shorts

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    You remember Waloddi Weibull and his famous distribution theory, right? The one about continuous probability distribution? That’s the one! For those who live under a rock, we won’t go into advanced statistics but the Weibull distribution theory is like a chameleon in its ability to take on the characteristics of so many data sets. So Purnell named a pair of shorts after it (#NerdAlert). True to our Purnell ways, the Weibull Distribution Shorts have the chameleon ability to suit many different situations. The midweight canvas fabric makes them feel indestructible but we added stretch and a gusseted crotch to allow you to move like you move, meganerd and all.

    We bet ole Waloddi Weibull would’ve worn a pair while he calculated the rank regression in a two parameter distribution resulting in the linear equation where y = a + bx. Obviously.

    Purchase the Weibull Distribution Short >

  • Indigo Chambray Shirt

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    If Purnell were a piece of clothing, the Indigo Chambray shirt would be it. It exemplifies our ethos (yes, we used the word “ethos”): we took an old design–the classic chambray work shirt–and updated it for modern life. We gave it a streamlined silhouette and added stretch to the fabric which means the Indigo Chambray shirt retains it’s shape while subtly highlighting your va-va-voom. The design of the Chambray shirt gives it a clean-cut look but the durability of the fabric allows you to move all you want without finding limits to its flexibility. This means you finally have a shirt to wear as you break that glass ceiling and then you just have to dust off the glass, put on some heels, and transition into closing your multi-million dollar deal.

    Our Indigo Chambray shirt, while still timeless, is made for now and it’s made for you, glass ceilings beware.

    Purchase the Indigo Chambray Shirt >

  • Wool Zip Skirt

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    It’s fair and politically correct to say that not all skirts are made equal. The Wool Zip Skirt is one of those that throws the grading curve off a bit. The high quality of the fabric, the stitching, the cut, and the attention to detail easily make it teacher’s pet. This wrap-around wool blend skirt is ideal for wearing over leggings on a crisp day. Just don’t be surprised if the other skirts give you a dirty look, they’re just jealous.

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  • Purnell & Lovebird showcase holiday gift ideas

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    Purnell and Santa Barbara’s local fashion and jewelry boutique, Lovebird, showcase some Purnell holiday gifts ideas that are available right here in our home town of Santa Barbara. We encourage you to shop locally and support our independent downtown merchants! Local merchants care about our community and are invested in helping residents, friends and neighbors have the best shopping experience. They know our city lifestyle firsthand and can provide a curated selection of goods and services that are the perfect fit for you and your family.

    The segment features:

    Brita Womack – President and co-founder of Purnell. Based in Santa Barbara, Purnell offers versatile, crossover clothing — clothes that transition with you from the office to the outdoors – and all the parts of your day. Brita is wearing our Vintage Plaid Shirt and Vintage Twill pants in Indigo.

    Jennifer Scarbrough – owner of Lovebird Boutique and Jewelry Bar, two local women’s boutiques based in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. Lovebird – welcoming, fun and affordable. Jennifer is wearing Purnell’s Linen Field Jacket in Olive.

    Kiara Trujillo – a member of the Lovebird team and is a student at the City College. Kiara is wearing our Winter Print Leggings in Grey and White and a French Terry Pullover in Heather Grey.

    Meredith Garofalo  – KKFX Meterologist. She’s wearing an Awesome Possum Beanie

  • Moleskin Shirt

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    Our Moleskin Shirt is a classic-cut, button-up shirt made with super soft moleskin. For those not familiar with moleskin, it is not actually made from the pelt of the subterranean mammals known as moles. Moleskin is a heavyweight cotton fabric with a velvety feel. The soft yet durable fabric gives the Moleskin Shirt enough structure to retain it’s shape, so don’t worry, it’s still totally manly.

    The Moleskin Shirt can be worn as a shirt or as a jacket, buttoned up or buttoned down. It’s not Purnell’s style to make mountains out of molehills, but versatile and durable shirts out of moleskin? That’s more like it.

    Purchase the Moleskin Shirt >

  • Purnell & Mountain Air Sports talk about the new versatility in outdoor apparel

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    Purnell and Santa Barbara’s favorite independent outdoor retailer, Mountain Air Sports, showcase some versatile Purnell outfits that are functional enough for outdoor activities but still look professional enough to wear to the office or out to a nice dinner.

    We are joined by two of Purnell’s brand ambassadors – active, local professionals who wear Purnell for both workplace and outdoor activities.

    • Anna Jensen-Stewart of NMA Architects
    • Eric Vallen of Vallen Landscape

    It’s the next evolution of the athleisure trend that has been talked about so much in the past few years. Yoga pants are great for running errands, but what about at the office? Most of us spend 70% of our week working so we’re in need of clothes that look sharp and feel put together, but don’t sacrifice comfort or versatility for the other activities in our day. Purnell and other apparel brands in the outdoor market are addressing this need by offering more versatile clothing styles. And the outdoor retailers are seeing more customers coming in to their stores looking for them. People want to integrate their active lifestyles within their regular days. They are biking to work, taking a walk at lunch or heading down to the park to eat on the grass and get outside. They need clothes that can transition through their day, through all of their varied activities, that still look and feel great.

  • French Terry Tunic

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    Raise your hand if you had this dilemma: you’re done with a workout, you have to run a few errands, but your sweat dries so you get a little chilly and you can feel people’s eyes on your nicely sculpted bum. What to do? The French Terry Tunic is our answer to that modern dilemma. It’s a versatile hoodie tunic for après-ski, après-workout, or après-whatever-you-want.

    No longer will you have to dread the après-workout errand run. You’ll be warm, you’ll be stylish, and your bum will be safe in the French Terry Tunic.

    Purchase the French Terry Tunic >

  • New Zealand Possum Beanie

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    Here’s a true story: the non-native brushtail possum has been causing ecological mayhem in New Zealand for over 100 years. It has few natural predators, damages native vegetation and food crops, and attacks the endangered kiwi bird. Not the kiwi bird!! Here’s where the story takes a positive twist: the possum’s incredibly soft, mink-like fur has been embraced as a way to help control the population. Our New Zealand Possum Beanie serves dual purposes of addressing the destructive impact of this predator and providing beanies that are softer and warmer than wool. An awesome possum twist for the not so awesome possum.

    So you can wear this naturally insulated beanie while you hang conservation posters about kiwi birds. Plus, you get to use the phrase “awesome possum” in a professional setting.

    Purchase the Possum Beanie >