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Men's - What's New for Fall

  • 10104615-quick-dry-flannel-plaid-teal-grey-shirt-mens

    Reflection Performance Plaid Flannel

    Being so manly and all, you have 540 flannels in your closet, but none of them are like this. You’ll want to put your man paws all over this one, trust us. The fabric of the Performance Plaid Flannels took its sweet time coming to us — it’s quick-drying, wrinkle free, and insulated. It’s made for outdoor performance without looking sporty. Some key features of the Performance Plaid Flannels: ž4-5 oz. midweight yarn-dyed woven plaid flannel žBrushed for softness Insulating žQuick dry žPurnell neck seam tape ž100% hollow-yarn polyester žSizes S - XXL žComes in 5 plaid patterns: red, brown, green, teal and navy So while you may have 540 flannels from Cape Cod salmon to indigo dream, looks like you’ll just need to add a 541st to the collection.
  • 10108550-stretch-indigo-fleece-lined-shirt-jacket

    Indigo Shirt Jacket

    You know what’s annoying? When something tries to be something it’s not... Until now. The Corduroy Shirt Jacket is just that: it’s a shirt trying to be a jacket, or maybe it’s a jacket trying to be a shirt. Either way, this shirt/jacket/whatever is built with stretch so you can fling logs in comfort. It has a light plaid fleece lining so you can slay the outdoors. It has a modern yet rustic look so you can also slay the indoors. Some key features of the Corduroy Shirt Jacket: ž9 oz. midweight 21-wale stretch corduroy (Indigo weight is 11oz. with brushed cross-cut texture)ž Enzyme-washed, silicone softened žAntique nickel finish snaps žSleeves have a smooth poly lining so no bunching when putting on or taking off žContrast neck seam tape ž100% polyester plaid fleece lining ž98% cotton / 2% elastane body žSizes S - XXL The Corduroy Shirt Jacket is therefore the exception to the rule of just being yourself. Sometimes it’s better to be 2 things.
  • 10103010-jersey-wicking-grey-shirt-mens

    Jersey Knit Button-Up

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    Show this shirt to your dad and guaranteed he’ll go bananas over the prospect of fixing sprinklers in a shirt that looks like he actually knows something about fashion. Show it to your friends and you’ll have to initiate a group schedule for who gets to wear the shirt on which day. This shirt is unique because it looks like a classic button up shirt but has the feel of a well-worn t-shirt. The biggest game changer is that the fabric is made for performance with stretch and wicking properties, so it’s ready for anything — well, except for the unprecedented fashion battle between you and your friends. Some key features of the Jersey Knit Button Up: ž8 oz. midweight jersey knit blend žWicking properties žPurnell neck seam tape ž62% polyester / 33% cotton / 5% elastane žSizes S - XXL So maybe don’t show the Jersey Knit Button-Up to your friends and just wear it first, which equates to calling shotgun for life on this shirt.

Women's - What's New for Fall

  • 10213578-wool-zip-brown-skirt-womens

    Brown Wool Zip Skirt

    It’s fair and politically correct to say that not all skirts are made equal. The Wool Zip Skirt is one of those that throws the grading curve off a bit. The high quality of the fabric, the stitching, the cut, and the attention to detail easily make it teacher’s pet. This wrap-around wool blend skirt is ideal for wearing over leggings on a crisp day. Just don’t be surprised if the other skirts give you a dirty look, they’re just jealous. Here are some of the features of the Wool Zip Skirt: • Quick-zip and layers easily over leggings or base layer • Rip stop lining allows for free movement over base layer and no riding up • 21 oz. wool blend for maximum warmth • Sits low on hip for relaxed look and feel • Asymmetrical zipper closure and contrast double needle top-stitch • 60% wool / 40% polyester
  • 10204573-flannel-red-navy-shirt-womens

    Red and Navy Flannel

    6 oz. mid-weight yarn-dyed woven flannel plaid Washed and silicone softened Clean-edge seams Enamel buttons Nvy contrast top-stitching Contrast neck seam tape 100% cotton
  • 10208552-linen-field-jacket-olive-womens

    Linen Field Jacket

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    You know those pieces in your closet that go with everything all the time? The Field Jacket is one of those pieces and your closet is probably crying softly all the time without it. This timeless, lightweight jacket is the ideal outer layer for pretty much every occasion. The fabric is 5 oz. midweight, open weave flax, linen/cotton blend that is enzyme washed and silicone softened, resulting in an automatically relaxed fit. The jacket is unlined giving it breathability, yet thick enough to take on a breeze or overzealous air-conditioning. The Field Jacket's ability to adapt itself to suit whatever situation is not shapeshifting sorcery, it's well-thought out design. It's versatility allows it to be worn as an alternative to a blazer at the office or as a casual top layer when going out. The sleeves can be left down or buttoned up with antique brass buttons. The hidden waist drawstring allows you to create your shape. You're in charge because we know you prefer it that way.